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Log Care

Oak Ridge Shiitake

Log Care Instructions


  1. Upon arriving home, harvest the mushrooms as they grow.

  2. Choose a place to put your log. Ideally the log should be outside in the shade, under and around trees. They can also be indoors with some natural light. Avoid garages or basements.  (Do not spray - you want the bark to be dry and the interior to be wet. ) 

  3. Two months after purchase, soak your log to start the fruiting. It's best to use cool, clean, non-chlorinated water (rain, well, creek, or tap water that has been airing for a day), and try to make sure log is completely immersed. Soak it for 12-24 hours. If you have access to a cold place, like a large fridge or cellar, you can leave the log in there overnight, the cold will  help trigger the mushrooms to grow. 

  4. After soaking, mushrooms should start growing within the week. Keep moist if possible. (If your location is dry, you can re-soak the log, with or without the baby mushrooms on it, for another hour. ) 

  5. Repeat step 1-4 every 2 months, from May to October. Enjoy! The logs can be left outside in the winter-time.


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